Creation date: November 24, 2019
Modified date: February 13, 2022
  • Location: United States

Year: 1973
Color: Nachtblau Metalic (040)
Build Date: April 1973
Forum Username: E9wayne
Name: Wayne Killen
Vehicle Status: Driven
Registration Type: Vehicle

I'm the third or forth owner of this CS that I purchased from Bill and Wendy Homes in 2008; Bill is a premier 2002Tii mechanic and this was Wendy's car. Prior to that, I was told a Navy Admiral owned the car and I even heard from another mechanic that I bumped into at a classic car event in California that the actress Courteney Cox once owned this car.

"Bluebelle" is what I named her for a show years ago that required car names and, since she had been recently restored in her original glorious Nachtblau metallic, that was came to mind.

According to the BMW archives, this CS was originally delivered to Hoffman Motors of New York City in 1973. She has a older BMW Santa Cruz license plate frame so I believe she might have been transfered to west coast early in her life.

After first buying this CS in very original condition (delivery sticker still on inside windshield), she developed a valve issue that had me thinking early on I should sell her. But, after much dialogue with Murray Fowler, who I became friends with early on in the SoCal scene from the Irvine Cars and Coffee, Murray convinced me I had a great car with good bones to restore.

I soon began the engine upgrade search and stumbled upon SFdon, aka Don Lawrence, and after several length discussions with him became convinced he was an E9 savant and the right candidate for my car's heart and lung transplant. My CS was Don's first engine/5speed conversion and I won't share the very reasonable price Don charged me to find, collect and rebuild a high compression B34 long block from an Oregon seller. Don added bigger intake runners from a 320i and L jetronic fuel injection with other helpful upgrades he learned early on to this engine. My goal was 240 hp and I achieved that years later with Coupeking exhaust and Megasquirt DIY engine management.

There as much back and forth early on when I was living in Orange County and practically commuting to Palm Springs where Don's first shop was to take care of little things here and there with respect to driveability and figuring out what was the right upgrade - not a M5 clutch I can tell you. Don and I became friends back then and remain so to this day, especially after he flew out to my new residence in Virginia in 2013 to install a new wiring harness after Bluebelle had a minor "stroke".

My CS was restored in 2011 by Peter and Erik at Coupeking after I took a job change in Virginia in 2011 and decided it was time to have Bluebelle restored before shipping her out to the East Coast. Coupeking did a great job overall on the paint, interior leather, vinyl pieces, wood, etc. while I also added his Alpina 16" wheels and new shoes. Prior to the restoration, I added nicely bolstered E21 Recaros that really improved the seat comfort and my enjoyment of driving her through curvey roads.

Bluebell has about 194K miles on her today and enjoys the various east and SE car show events. She has been to Monterey twice, once in 2016 for BMW's 100th birthday and the following year in 2017 because I simply had too much fun the year before and had not completed all the events I wanted to what with a alternator regulator failure on my drive up from Orange county in 2016 with my esteemed East coast friends. Chris Macha rescued me the next day so I could attend the remaining events.