Creation date: January 9, 2019
Modified date: January 9, 2019

Year: 1971
Color: Malaga (021)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other
Registration Type: Vehicle


1971 BMW 3.0CS

Selling one of my projects that I intended to restore, this coupe is a perfect restoration candidate as it is mostly a complete car minus the hood hinges and springs and a few small parts. It has been sitting since 2003, when I bought the car it was running but I have not attempted to connect a battery and start it in a long time.
As people who are familiar with these cars, the Karmann body is prone to rust, and the inner rocker panels have rust as well as the trunk spare tire well. This is an early production coupe with a clean tittle. If you would like to come take a look at the car, you can contact me, I am located in North Jersey.