Creation date: January 13, 2015
Modified date: February 14, 2018

Year: 1973
Color: Polaris Metalic (060)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other
Registration Type: Vehicle

When finished assembled our CSL will be detailed as a non CityPack!. It will feature CSL shock springs, manual steering (original CSL with quick ratio) and all noise insulation removed. Lightweight floor mats back in place and front bumper has been replaced with CSL spoiler / rear bumper replaced with original CSL in GRP. The only difference from an Ultra CSL is that we still intend to use side windows and rear window in glass, not plexi! However if you want plexi it can be arranged. But we should bear in mind that several CSL?s of the last production (Bats) came with both glass windows for comfort and even Air Condition ? so the car in question can be considered as SUPERLIGHTWEIGHT

The engine (nos 2285491) is the original 3003 cc ? totally stripped, block has been acid washed and a complete honing job was carried out. All bushings/bearings are new, new Mahle piston / rings, new Schrick cam (282 deg), new valve seats so on and so forth?all hoses are new, all nuts and bolts are acid washed and eloxed. New cam chain, shaft, tensoids ? all gaskets are new. Headers from Alpina B6/10 3.5. Head is match ported?modifications gives an estimated rating of 240 bhp..

The chassi was totally stripped sandblasted and powder coated. All bushings are new. All joints in the drive line has been changed ? all wheel bearings are new, new wishbones, new steering link / joints?Control arms (race) front and rear (from E12 635) with polytherane joints and uniballs ? fully adjustable

New Bilstein shock absorbers with new Original progressive CSL springs and bearings?

Fully refurbished brakes, calipers taken apart and coated (from E12 635/M535). New sport Brembo discs with ferodo brake pads. New main break cylinder and all pipes/wires are changed.

Gearbox is Getrag 262/265 5 speed dogleg (from E30 M3). Clutch brand new (E28/E34 M5 ? 3.6). Differential is original CSL 3.25 with lock.

Interiors has the original CSL scheel seats (black) in absolute stunning condition. New lightweight floor mats, brand new wood in original finish. CSL steering wheel and new original black floor lining and sun protectors. ALL rubber is brand new ? all decals are new ?

Wheels, 14/16 Alpina (your choice) ? sandblasted and powder coated in correct shine with brand new decals?

At present the car is undergoing assembly at H?nefoss ? Oslo, Norway. The car will soon be moved to Sweden for final tuning and detailing??..

Price export: Euros 50.000,-