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Year: 1971
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1971 BMW 3.0 CSI with A/C

The coupe as art

I have an antiquity company in the middle of Texas. We specialize in fine antiques and collectibles. Once in a while my customers turn in a classic automobile or motorcycle.

This is one of those items:

We received this beautiful CSI from a local Texan who lived in a nearby county. He turned in all his car collection to us due to a medical reason.

This car has been his toy and it comes with a clear Texas title.

The car is a European model that was imported to the U.S. in 1972 (the sticker of the company who imported the car is on the driver's side door jam). It still has the kilometer odometer with only 25663. The owner claimed that this is the original mileage, but we cannot confirm this, and we're not going to try to.

It is a six cylinder fuel injected car with a four speed transmission. It comes with air-conditioning.

When we got the car it had been sitting for over 1 year. We sent it out for an oil change and a new battery, and it came to life. It runs beautifully. All the lights, signals, horn works.

The car is very clean. The interior is beautiful with no cracks on the dash. The trunk is clean. The car seems to have been painted before.

We have not sent the car out for a tune up as it was running very well.

What is not so good about the car:

The only thing we have noticed so far is that the tires are old.

The windshield wipers do not work right now. It might be the switch or it might be the wiper motor.

Even though the paint looks new, smooth, and pretty; the metallic pigment is not spread evenly. (It is not a show room paint job).

Under the driver's side carpet, there is some surface rust; there isn't any on the passanger's side. Per pictures.

Please remember that this is not a perfect car or showroom car, but it is a very good 1971 BMW.

For those of you who are like me and not familiar with this beautiful car, I found some articles I have copied and pasted for you. You can google all of these yourself:

An article from Autoevolution: BMW 3.0 CSi 1971 - 1975
BMW launched the all-new 3.0 CSi model in 1971 as a natural progression of its previous 2800 CS. This new model was built on the same chassis as its 2000 CS successor and featured the same bodywork. The only exterior element that differed the two models was the front end that featured a more elongated design in order to accommodate the larger 3.0L Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection engine. Also new were the front suspension and headlamp configuration. Model's powerplant was able to deliver a massive 200 hp, with a top speed of 137 mph.

FEATURE ARTICLE from Hemmings Motor News:
That pretty well sums up BMW's classic 3.0 CS and 3.0 CSi coupes, as legions of admirers have discovered. The cars--simply referred to as "coupes" by BMW aficionados--were sold in the U.S. between 1971 and 1975. The 3.0 CS features a carbureted, 3-liter straight six, while the CSi has the same engine equipped with fuel injection. Only the CS was sold in the States, though some number of CSi's infiltrated the borders.

"I think at the moment that these cars are so hot that they're going up in price every day," said Don Dethlefsen, co-owner of The Werk Shop, a Lake Bluff, Illinois, specialist in vintage BMWs. "Everybody wants a 3.0 CS, and everybody wants a nice one."

An article from: conceptcarz.com

Considered to be BMW pride and joy, the three-liter has continued to be built for the next twenty years. Replacing the 2800CS, the 3.0CS was introduced in March of 1971 and featured a bigger 180bhp engine and 4-wheel vented disc brakes. A total of 11,063 were produced until December, 1975 and included the Coupe 2 door, 4 seats. The 3.0CSL was introduced in May of 1971 and introduced a 3.0 Carb engine, plexi-glass windows, stiffer suspension and sports seats and alloy panels.
In September of 1971, the 3.0CSi was introduced and featured Bosch Fuel Injection, 200bhp and Longer Final drive. A total of 8,199 3.0CSi's were produced. The following August the 3003cc 3.0CSL replaced 2985cc 3.0CSL.
Each and every coupe was built by Karmann at Osnabr?ck, in north-west Germany, though saloons were all assembled at Munich. These models used running gear and were shipped 600km from Munich by train. Originally priced at ?5,345 in the UK, the BMW 3.0 CS came with power-assisted steering at an extra ?119, and automatic transmission for ?220, and air conditioning for an expensive ?485.