Creation date: October 25, 2009
Modified date: March 2, 2018

Year: 1973
Color: Inka (022)
Forum Username: Orangener
Name: Andreas Gruber
Vehicle Status: Driven
Registration Type: Vehicle

I would like to introduce you to my ORANGE, a BMW 3.0 CSi Built in 1973, and then I'll tell you a little story how I came to her and take her under title and tranformer her from the painted dead body to a jewel! It was back in 1997 and I was looking for a classic car, my divorce was 2 years ago, and I thought to myself, "now I can afford something nice for myself."
In a motor journal an advertisement jumped at me: "BMW 3.0 CSi, good condition, cheap."
After a visit to see it, on which I had took an (equally ignorant) friend, I made the decision "this is it" !
I had, at this moment, no clue as to what I was doing.
The "problem zones" of an E9 I?d never seen. I had no idea what I should pay close attention to and nor did my friend. We checked the car like a 10 year old used vehicle. Freshmen....
So I scraped together my last shillings, even sold the coin collection inherited from Grandpa and took the car off on 28.10.1997. They even gave me anold video.
The seller then said a sentence that I have still carved into my brain: "I hope the buyer of this beautiful BMW has much joy and good luck with the car for resale!
In my euphoria, I didn?t noticed that, in hindsight a this was huge mistake. With new brakes, some cosmetics and a few cosmetic corrections In my youthful folly I thought to myself, I will able to get be able to register it and get license sticker. One day later, I failed resoundingly!
Then I transferred the car into a barn at the Railway Museum in Strasshof, where i made a lot of repairs to get throught the registration process so I could drive it. But, after removing the carpet and other parts lot of rust appeared, that was quite frankly appalling!
Holes, rust, bondo and at least one ton of cement, metal and partly 4-ply, everything God has forbidden!
My conclusion from that experience was that I had lost shirt!
What should I do now? What alternatives do I have?
1.) the purchase price up though the chimney?
2.) lawsuits against the seller?
3.) looking for another idiot to sell this bondo-queen to?
4.) full restoration?
I decided on the latter, it seemed to me as the only correct solution.
To a the gun into the game is not my thing; fighting is an abomination to me; even though someone cheated me. So I spitt into my hands and cut the car into pieces, bought new parts, brakes, suspension, etc. I welded in new sheet metal and made the car visually acceptable.
Basically, I painted the new body to get throught a second registration attempt.
Cost, including all parts about 300 bucks.
I got through. The examiner was thrilled, said "The car, I always wanted" and it immediately by its own wheels up to the Czech Republic.
While I building up the E9, I became acquainted with some Coupe drivers who were members of the former Austrian CSI clubs. At a workshop in the vicinity of Brno, with Charlie," Karel", an exceptionally gifted tinsmith the restauration was redone. There, the former wine-red "Orange" was completely deconstructed for the second time, but at this time it was perfect because the work was performed by real professionals! The rusty body panels were generously replaced with healthy plate, and I plotted to use the original paint color INKA. I was there almost every week in the workshop. A part of the Orange restoration was paid with my liver because it was impossible to escape Pavel, the chef, his beer and Fernet Branca too. Good things just take time, namely in the Czech Republic, the clocks run much differently. After nearly a full year of alcohol and other excesses, I was finally able to drive my Orange back home. In the meantime I had also bought a 3.0 si and a 2800 CS Automatic and thus laid the foundation of my spare parts inventory. After several cellars and storage evictions, many Ebay purchases, and various slaughters of E3's, my ORANGE can be called "well-sorted."