Creation date: October 12, 2012
Modified date: March 2, 2018

Year: 1973
Color: Agave (071)
Name: Peter Dyson
Vehicle Status: In Restoration
Registration Type: Vehicle

Purchased from Mark Starr at Hunting Ridge Motors. The car looked good, but we knew the rust was hiding in there anyway. I have service records back to 1977, and I assume the car was delivered to the first owner Jim Mattingly by Competition Sportscars in Greenwich, CT. The first record is at 22,898 miles.It appears to have been sold to the next owner Chris Grald in Danvers, MA in 1986 or so at 48,316 miles. Mr Grald moved to Cleveland and the first of those bills starts at 57,495 miles in 1993. The first bill from the next owner, Loren Vevon, is at 58,036 miles in 2006 and a few after that through 2008.
Car had been garaged a lot of its life so no sun damage however like all these cars the rust needed to be dealt with so I sent the car to Westchester Classics in Danbury CT where all the rust has been removed and replaced with over 400 hours of metal detail work to the front fenders, sills and rear fenders; the usual culprits. The interior and drivetrain will be stock, and the car is being repainted in its original color.