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Modified date: February 24, 2018

Year: 1972
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Registration Type: Vehicle

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This listing is for a 1972 BMW 3.0 CS.

eAuctionWizard, Inc. is not the owner of this car but merely providing a means for the owner to sell it. All the information and pictures seen above & below have been provided by the owner- Larry.

This 1972 BMW 3.0CS is powered by a 2986-cc straight-six engine and has the four-speed manual gearbox. Car is finished in white paint (orig color but not orig paint) and has a dark blue leather interior. The front wheels have Cooper Cobra 235/60 14 tires on them and the rears have Nitto 235/60 14 tires. All four tires have lots of tread and many, many miles left on them. Upon turning the key, the engine turns over very slowly but always starts right up. Engine runs really well and the transmission is tight. Clutch is fine. Brakes are good and the car stops like it should, nice and straight. Steering is nice and tight, no free play.The car does not smoke nor burn oil. Rear seats are original to the car but are in rough shape. The front seats were re-upholstered within the last 5 years. Car has air conditioning controls but the compressor is missing (removed at some unknown time). AM/FM/Cassette Player present but not working. Chasis and engine numbers match.

Larry is not the original owner. He has owned the car for approx 2? years. During that time he has kept it well maintained and installed a Pertronix Igniter. Approx 18-24 months ago he had both Weber carburetors professionally rebuilt. At the time the pictures were taken, the odometer displayed 21269 KM but it is not accurate. Not being the original nor second owner, Larry has no idea of actual mileage.

Replacing the 2800CS, the 3.0CS was introduced in March of 1971 and featured a bigger 180bhp engine and 4-wheel vented disc brakes. A total of 11,063 were produced until December, 1975. Stylish, high-performance, and a successful racing vehicle, the 3.0-litre did much to help breed a positive image of BMW. Considered to be BMW's pride and joy, the three-liter continued to be built for the next twenty years.

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