Creation date: January 15, 2010
Modified date: February 26, 2018

Year: 1972
Color: (Other)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other
Registration Type: Vehicle

Dec 30 2009 EBay Item number: 290386475919 Starting Price $4800.00. Jan 2 2010 Auction Ends 0 Bids
98% original Iceland Green European model with Tan Leather Interior (rare to have leather on Euro models)

Engine never rebuilt. There were only roughly 11,000 of these cars ever produced from 1971-1975. In the 70's received the big bumpers (80's style) to meet federal crash standards unfortunately to the detriment of the aesthitics. When windows are lowered the side is wide open. This car is routinely listed in classic car books and perennially on top 50 beautiful BMW's ever produced.

This BMW's is in many ways the right one to restore. It is a desirable color and it is the and most refined one. That is the good part. On the flipside is the fact that it needs to be rebuilt both the engine and the body. There is rust in the area ahead of the rear wheels and will need extensive rust work. Other areas are surprinsingly good and the car is worthy to restore. I bought the car over ebay and drove from VA to CT to pick it up. It drove me home fine though it did foul a spark plug toward the end of the trip. The engine does blow some smoke and will need rings and valve job. It is an old car that is worn. If restored it will be a very nice classic machine.

Car is sold as is and it is recommended to look at it. I would not drive it to California but it probably will make shorter trips just fine.