Creation date: November 13, 2009
Modified date: February 14, 2018

Year: 1972
Color: (Other)
Forum Username: Bill Riblett
Name: Bill Riblett
Vehicle Status: In Restoration
Registration Type: Vehicle

New York City car until mid-70s. I bought it from someone who discovered it was going to cost a lot more to restore than he expected. It was sort of Riviera Blue on top of at least 3 other colors and had a large rust hole above the left rocker panel and a glass sunroof. I repaired the rust, stripped several layers of paint, painted it 1977 color Madeira & drove it for a while. In 1990s, had the roof replaced with the roof from 2221344 which had a factory electric sunroof. I?m in the midst of doing body and paint work again ? to higher standards than last time!