Creation date: October 26, 2009
Modified date: February 14, 2018

Year: 1972
Color: Verona (024)
Vehicle Status: Driven
Registration Type: Vehicle

Manufactured on April 24th, 1972 and delivered on June 14th, 1972 to the importer BMW Concessionaires G.B. Ltd. in London. The original color was Verona, paintcode 024.

Unclear why a US spec car was delivered in London.
First US owner seemed to have both enjoyed driving the coupe as well as participating in Classic car shows around California and Oregon. Bought by his friend and mechanic who kept it on display at his shop in Palo Alto for about 12 years. Purchased in 2005 and performed more than 20 small and bigger projects to embody the notion that older a coupe is the better it gets.