Creation date: October 21, 2009
Modified date: March 2, 2018

Year: 1972
Color: Agave (071)
Forum Username: iconoclast6
Name: Chuck Moss
Vehicle Status: Driven
Registration Type: Vehicle

My search for an E9 coupe culminated after researching noted restoration services offered by Don Detlefson's, The Werk Shop in Chicago, Matt McGuinn's, Sports Car Restoration in Ct., and CoupeKing of Long Beach, Ca..
Ultimately, and with the assistance of Murray Fowler (Bluemax), I signed onto a complete frames off restoration with CoupeKing (http://www.coupeking.com/agave-72-3-5cs-chucks-coupe-4016) and the car was completed April, 06. (http://www.coupeking.com/chucks-3-5cs-1115). The car was purchased with a proper California registration indicating a 1972 model year. However, consistent with the intrigue of BMW and or DMV records during this time, BMW archivist Andreas Harz and noted e9 Coupe historian Chris Macha, indicate that my vin reflects a July 5th, 1973 manufacture, delivered on July 19th, 1973 to Hoffman Motors in NYC. The original color was Fjord, paint code 037. However, the car remains according to its purchased 1972 registration. CoupeKing has indicated that the original owner was an anonymous Hollywood musician of some note. The Agave coupe is now serviced and maintained by the well regarded Lawrence Charlemagne of Wappingers Falls, NY and Mario Langsten of VSR1 Racing of Bow, NH.. The coupe is typically driven from March thru October, depending on the desires of East Coast weather. Awards/Recognition: Feb. 2012 Bimmer Magazine, Nov. 2011 Roundel Magazine, 2011 Limerock Sunday in the Park Historics Concours--Speed and Style, GT Cars 1971-1989, First in Class, 2011 Long
Island Car Show-Belmont, Best in Class, Newport Concours d'Elegance, Invited Participant, 2010 Lime Rock Sunday in the Park, Class 16, "Speed with Style," GT cars 1966 to 1976 Concours Winner, 2010 Greenwich Concours d'Elegance-Selected Participant, 2010 NYAutoFest-Judges Choice Winner, 2009 LimeRock Rolex, 2nd Place Concours Winner, 2009 Orchard Beach, Best in Class Winner
2009 Flowerfield Fairgrounds Car Show-Best in Show,2009 LI Car Show Autofest-Best in Show
2009 Participant-Great Neck Plaza Auto Show
2008 LimeRock Rolex, 3rd Place Concours Winner
2008 Orchard Beach-Best in Show, 2008 Orchard Beach-Best in Class,2007 Participant-Great Neck Plaza Auto Show