Creation date: October 21, 2009
Modified date: February 14, 2018

Year: 1972
Color: Sahara (006)
Build Date: July 18th, 1972
Forum Username: Ives
Name: Jon C. Iverson
Vehicle Status: Driven
Registration Type: Vehicle

"The BMW 3.0 CS US VIN 2240322 was manufactured on July 18th, 1972 and delivered on July 28th, 1972 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. New York City. The original colour was Sahara, paint code 006." First maintenance records, for the Coupe, are from July 1986 located in Sparks Nevada. The Coupe's 3.0 engine was replaced in November 1986 at 87,000 miles due to a head failure. The block replacement # is a 5 series and the total cost was $2613. The Coupe was then sold to a woman in Sparks in October of 1987. She paid $11,900 for it. Within 2 years she gets a new name and a husband to go along with it. The husband takes over the direction of maintenance and makes a number of repairs and or cosmetic upgrades. In September of 1989 the odomter passes 100k. In 1991 there is an extensive refurbishment of the Coupe to include fenders, rockers ,"disassemble strip and repair rust as needed" and respray in the same color. The total cost is $10,547 and there are extensive records of the part #s and their individual costs. By March of 1998 the odometer has reached 111,156 which means the average annual mileage for those 8.5 years is 1300 miles. In August of 1998 the Sparks couple sells it to a new owner in Sata Cruz, Ca. for $12,000. The new owner does a minimum of upgrades but does add a new 6 Series radiator, camber plates and front strut brace. By the time the Santa Cruz owner decided to sell the Coupe in 2007 it had approximately 124,000 miles. Another 8.5 year increment means that he drove it approximately 1500 miles per year. I bought the Coupe in February of 2007 for $23,500. Since I have owned the Coupe I have recovered all of the seats with leather, replaced both of the muflers with OEM ones, installed Bilstein shocks, added Coco mats and done a complete detailing. The Coupe so far has shown no signs of rust other than some minor surface rust in the usual places. My mileage has been 3,680 /- in the last 2.5 years for an average of about 1500 miles annually. I plan to upgrade the Coupe continually but will probably keep the Coup's 3.0 engine and 4 speed for the foreseeable future because they are both strong and tight.