Creation date: January 15, 2010
Modified date: March 3, 2018

Year: 1971
Color: (Other)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other
Registration Type: Vehicle

EBAY ITEM 160431843784 MAY 8 2010 BUY IT NOW $24 000 May 13 auction ends 0 Bids
History: I shipped this car up from Los Angeles in 2008, where it had sat since 1991, with the engine removed for an over-haul. Apparently some time had gone buy, and the repair shop closed, and the engine was lost. Or that's the story I got from "Elite Auto sales", on Venice Blvd, in LA. The Salesman there said , that he was selling this car for a long time friend. The car, at that time was in very good "original" condition. Little to no rust, straight body panels, with no previous damage. This car is a European model, originally purchased by an Air Force Officer, who, at that time, had the car flown back to the US, buy the Air force. In 71' the only difference with "Euro model" 2800CS's cars were the placement of the rear view mirrors, forward on the fenders. Before beginning on the restoration, I removed all of the "sound deadening rubber padding on the shock towers, this being the major cause for rust trapped at the shock towers. There is NO RUST on these.
Equipment: I first found an Engine, a pre smog 3.0ltr. with under 10,000 miles since a rebuild. I am always looking for The Ultimate Sports Car", so I decided to Improve on what BMW originally started with. I Found a Triple Weber set-up, ordered Full Length Tube Headers, and converted to electronic Ignition. In 71' these car did not have a 5 Speed Over-drive Transmission available, and as it turns out, there is only 1 year of a transmission, (81'), that will work with this, mechanical-drive speedometer. the previous owner had all ready installed aftermarket HP suspension with KYB Gas Shocks. I found a really nice set of 51"X 7" Enki mesh Wheels and mounted them with 215-60-15 Toyo Tires. In addition, I had the gas tank and radiator both cleaned. I had the car painted by a local shop, and can say that this ,(base-clear coat), BMW Verona Red paint job is excellent. I had the seats re-upholstered by a shop in Longview Wa. and they are also Excellent, in Italian Camel -Tan Leather. The only thing, left to be done is the dash. It has a couple of small cracks and the wood veneer is weak.
So: what we have here is a Beautiful, Vintage-Classic, BMW 2800 Cs Sunroof Coupe. Always taken care-of, original Low Mileage, Never Wrecked or left to the elements, so, No Rust. The glass is all good, Chrome is mostly good, with a couple of " weak" spots, as it is all original, but the Bumpers are Great. There has obviously been a lot of money and work performed on this car, but in these times one must keep in mind the current values and price accordingly. this car is prices way below what the book says it should be. There are no surprises here. Please come and see this fine car. And As allways, it is the buyers responsibility to verify the condition of this car. No warren tee is offered or implied.
I will offer to "Split the cost" of Shipping, to the Buyer. This offer will only apply to the above $24,000 sale price What a DEAL.