Creation date: January 15, 2010
Modified date: March 5, 2018

Year: 1971
Color: (Other)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other
Registration Type: Vehicle

EBAY JAN 14 ITEM 330395511127. Buy It Now $4500.
1971 BMW 2800 CS Barn Find!!!

Here is a rare chance to restore an iconic BMW. This BMW 2800 CS has LOTS of history and documentation that goes with the car as well as original books and manuals. These great little cars became legendary after there success in motorsport. This particular car came loaded with options and a great color combo. This 2800cs was the 212th car built in November of 1970 and has only had 2 owners. This car has spent its entire life in California and Arizona. This 2800 was off the road from 1977 to 1983 and then used sparingly from 1983 to the early 1990's. The car was then parked and left until now. The car was originally Polaris Silver with a beautiful dark blue leather interior completed with woodtrim. This car has also been treated with a hard to find set of factory BMW BBS wheels. Overall the car is very complete and you shouldn't have to source too many of the typically hard to find parts for this car!
Exterior: The original color of this car was Polaris Silver. A repaint to a very dark blue around 1984 was performed by the second owner of the car. When I got the car much of the paint was chipping away and I decided to remove as much of the blue paint as I could to reveal the factory original paint below. Its amazing how much of the original paint is left under the blue re-spray. The car obviously needs light body work/rust repair but overall the car appears to be a very straight, accident free chassis. There is rust is some of the more typical places such as the shock towers, driver's floor pan and the rocker areas. The trunk pan is rock solid with no signs of rust. The chrome on the car is in very good shape. All of the glass (except the windshield) and window chromes (impossible to find) are in excellent shape. The side trim that runs the body length of the car is also in very good shape along with the bumpers. Overall this is a very restorable project and will looks absolutely fantastic when completed.
Interior: The Interior of this BMW is all original. The dark blue leather seats are obviously cracked but are in pretty good shape considering the car is 39 years old. The interior is largely intact and can easily be re-trimmed. The wood is also in very good shape and shouldn't need replacing. Even the headliner looks to be good. Overall the interior shouldn't be a fairly straight forward to get back in tip top shape.
Engine: The 2800cs engine, like every BMW engine, is a workhorse and is designed to last hundreds of thousands of miles. The car currently does not start with the key and will need some tending to. I was able to get the engine to turn over and run with the use of a starter button however there is some attention needed for the car to run on its own. Everything appears to be there, but it looks like it just needs some attention by someone with greater skill than I. I really would have like to have kept this car but unfortunately this is not the case. Again, with some time invested this car should be able to be put back on the road and driven proudly.
BMW E9 coupes are just so rare and hard to find. This car is a project, but the car does come with lots of documentation over the last 22 years including registrations, receipts and even a parking ticket!!! This would be a great car to see on restored and back on the road and with all the documentation it could be a worthwhile investment. This car is largely original (bar the repaint) and complete. Most of these cars have been purchased and used for parts as many times the cars are worth more in parts than in one piece.

This is a project car that has been sitting for many years and will need work to be road worthy. The car is sold as is. If you have any questions or need clarification on anything please email or call.

I can help arrange shipping anywhere in the world and international buyers are welcome to enjoy this BMW 2800cs!!!