Creation date: January 13, 2015
Modified date: February 14, 2018

Year: 1967
Color: (Other)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other
Registration Type: Vehicle

eBay 4/16/11; Offered for bid is a 1967 BMW 2000CS that has been in my dad's garage for over 20 years. The original color
was white with a blue cloth interior. This was dad's favorite car when we were in Europe in the sixties. He
wanted to take delivery of one before we left Europe but with limited production he couldn't. He brought
back a 2000tii sedan instead which there are still hood, decklid, and front end still in garage and outside.
Years later in 1978 he bought this 2000cs white coupe in North Carolina for nearly double what he could
have bought new in Europe for. He drove for many years before he decided to restore. Was in process
of restoration when his bodyman became ill and car was brought back to garage, life got in the way,
and it has been there ever since. I just pumped up tires and pushed outside to rinse off dust and take
photos for this posting. Tires took air, and brakes were not locked up. I didn't try to see if motor turned
over, but I will remove spark plugs and put in some Marvel Mystery Oil in. As I get calls or emails, I might
attempt to turn over and start. I'm sure carbs will need some attention, but it will probably fire with ether.
My younger sister remembers dad buying a damaged 2000cs for parts and I have posted a photo of
that engine and trans that have also been in garage for over twenty years and I'll try to turn that engine
over as well.