Creation date: January 13, 2015
Modified date: February 14, 2018

Year: 1967
Color: Polaris Metalic (060)
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad/Other
Registration Type: Vehicle

You are bidding on an original hard to find 1967 BMW 2000cs with the 4 cylinder engine. This vehicle has been sitting in a barn in NJ for the past 10 years. It was in running condition when it arrived at my home and I was planning on restoring the vehicle but it never happened. The vehicle is complete.

All seats are in good condition and not torn except for the top portion of the rear seat rests. The door panels are worn. The wood trim is in poor condition. The left rear passenger trim panel is missing. The interior is missing the carpets in most areas. The floors are intact but rusted through in some areas, mainly behind the two front seats.

The vehicle includes an aftermarket A/C system that was professionally mounted in the trunk.

The vehicle was painted in the past and the original blue color was replaced with the silver shown in the pictures.

All glass is in good condition with no cracks.

The body is complete with no visible plastic. There are some areas of the body that are rusty through as noted in the photos. The spare tire holder is rusted through (large hole) but still holds the spare tire. The body has a large dent in the left front corner and on the driver's side door.

Lots of the original trim is in good condition.

The vehicle was removed from the barn and the oil was replaced. The crank was lubed with seafoam as well as the fuel tank. The fuel tank was quickly siphoned out but needs a good cleaning. The spark plugs were removed and the cylinders were lubed prior to turning the engine over and posting a video to you tube. The two solex carburetors were opened to check the condition of the floats, they were not stuck and are in good condition as they are made of brass.

The fuel tank does not appear to leak, the radiator still holds a antifreeze and the engine does not leak oil.