BMW CS Registry - The beautifully styled BMW E9 coupe built in the 1960's and 1970's is an iconic Grand Touring machine. If you are lucky enough to own one or just happened to see one in an ad somewhere, register it here! is on online CS coupe registry for enthusiasts around the world. Enter car information, modifications, photos and more...Free!

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  • 2275489
    3.2 CSL - - April 23, 2019

    Built on 12th of July 1973, this car was registered M-YM313. It was delivered to BMW's Global Sales and Marketing division on Friday the 13th. Pre-production Batmobiles ===================== Ten pre-production 3.2CSLs were manufactured before the Aug...

  • 2262501
    3.0 CSi - - March 6, 2019

    Imported from Germany to Florida in '82 and converted to dual carbs as part of the Federalization process. 1 engine rebuild and switched to triple webers @ around 100,000 miles. 2 complete bare metal resprays. Continues to be my reliable daily driver...

  • 4340778
    3.0 CSi - - March 4, 2019

    The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 4340778 was manufactured on October 25th, 1974 and delivered on May 16th, 1975 to the importer BMW Italia. The original colour was Granatrot metalic, paint code 025. I the 1988 the car was purchased near Aviano, by an American Air...